Optical  systems

Optical systems like optical objectives or oculars are  a crucial block of modern electro-optical systems.   Performance of these systems is often limited by parameters of optical block.  Superior optics can significantly increase surveillance ranges of electro-optical surveillance systems   like thermal imagers, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR cameras,  and night vision devices. Optical systems in form of optical sights are also used as independent systems in surveillance technology.

Manufacturing of high quality optical systems is difficult and final performance depends on many factors.  There are many optical systems  offered on international market of  different quality. Therefore testing optical systems is extremely important for both optics manufacturers and for integrators of optical systems.

  Two stations for testing optical modules are offered by Inframet: ORI test station and OPO test station.

 ORI test system

 OPO test station

ORI is a quasi universal test station that enables expanded testing of all types of optical objectives and oculars. At the same time high accuracy of measurements, high measurement speed and and user friendly test operation is offered. This universality makes ORI a perfect choice for both scientific institutes and manufacturers of wide range of optical objectives.

OPO test station is a modular, quasi universal station for optimized for testing telescopic sights (afocal systems in visible band). This station enables measurement of a series of important parameters of such sights. There are many telescopic sights offered on international market of very different quality and price. In this situation OPO can quickly and reliably determine real surveillance capability of tested sights.

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