Boresight systems

Boresight is a process to align optical axis of single system or a series of optical or electro-optical systems with a certain reference optical axis or mechanical axis. Proper boresight is particularly critical in case of multi-sensor electro-optical surveillance systems built from a series of systems like thermal imager, VIS/NIR camera, SWIR camera, laser range finder, laser pointer.  

Test systems offered by Inframet for testing multi-sensor surveillance systems (MS series) can do not only expanded testing but also boresight of these surveillance systems. However, these quasi universal test systems are also costly and rather  not suitable to be used ourtside laboratory/depot conditions.  Therefore Inframet offers  three specialzied  systems  optimized to support boresight of multi-sensor electro-optical surveillance systems:

JT300 boresight system

JAT200 mobile boresight station

JALI boresight station

JT  systems  are modular, quasi-universal systems that enable expanded boresight and basic tests of  multi-sensor E-O systems.   These systems generally laboratory/depot class systems. Some of Inframet customers built special platforms that make possible transport of these systems and they carry out tests outside laboratory. However, such situation is an exception from the rule. 

JAT stations can be considered as a special mobile boresight station optimized for testing multi-sensor EO systems at airport/airfields conditions.
The JAT stations are compact, lightweight stations designed to carry out boresight and basic test of airborne multi-sensor EO systems. The stations are extremely simple to operate. Next, the image projector/laser receiver block is located on a movable platform. Further on, the station can be optimized for multi-sensor EO systems of different sizes of sensors optics. All these features make JAT an optimal choice for maintenance of multi-sensor EO systems or performance checking before important missions.
JAT stations were originally designed to support boresight/basic tests of airborne systems. However, these stations can be also delivered in versions optimized to test land or naval multi-sensor surveillance systems. 

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