Meters offered by Inframet are basically meters designed to support calibration of test systems manufactured by Inframet.   The meters can be divided into two groups:

  1. Temperature meters
  2. Luminance meters

1.  Temperature meters

TM6 meters are ultra-precision, ultra-stable temperature meters. The meters are characterized by very good temperature resolution and measurement uncertainty. Measurement resolution is at least 10 times better than resolution of typical temperature meters offered on international market. These  meters have been developed as tools for recalibration of low/medium temperature blackbodies (TCB, MTB) manufactured by Inframet. TM6 meters are equipped with an ultra-precision but small size temperature probe optimized for holes in emitter plates of TCB, MTB blackbodies. However, these meters are excellent tools for any application that require ultra precision contact measurement of temperature.

TM6 meters were designed using electronic components of ultra-low temporal fluctuation of their parameters. Further on, advanced auto calibration circuitry was used. All these features enabled to extend recalibration interval of the TM6 meters to six years in case of calibration of blackbodies used for testing imagers for surveillance applications or three years in case of imagers for non contact temperature meters used in measuring applications. In this way TM6 temperature meters enable its user to carry our easy recalibration of his blackbodies.

    The TM6 meter is delivered by Inframet with a six/three year warranty and six/three year valid certificate. After this period small TM6 meter should be send to our facilities (or other temperature calibration laboratory) where it can be calibrated and validity of the certificate is extended.

The calibration scheme of TM6 temperature meters is traceable to EU main national laboratories (typically Main  Office of Measures of Poland  or optionally  Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt).

TM6 meters are divided according to temperature range to two models: TM6: -273°C ... +350°C, and TM6M: -273°C ... +850°C. Both are near perfect measuring tools but the first model offers slightly better temporal stability.

Detail technical parameters of TM6 meters can be found in this data sheet:

2. Luminance meters

LM1 is a precision luminance meter optimized for two basic applications: A) as an external meter in stations for testing night vision devices, B) as a tool for recalibration of light sources (DAL, SAL, H40, H150, L150).  In case of type A application the LM1 meter is used for measurement of luminance of im­age intensifier screen seen via oculars. Aperture of optical objective of the LM1 meter is optimized for testing night vision devices (below 8 mm). In case of application type B the LM1 luminance meter is used as a small, portable meter that is sent for re­calibration to Inframet facilities (or any calibration laboratory that specialize in photometric calibra­tions). Later the LM1 meter is used for recalibration of earlier mentioned light sources.  

Data sheet: