In this section a list of some scientific papers of other documents published by Inframet employees related to testing, evaluation and simulation of electro-optical systems is presented. The list is limited to Open Access papers and books.


No Title Description
1 TESTING THERMAL IMAGERS - Practical Guide Practical guide in field of testing thermal imagers. Inframet free gift to international community of peoples interested in technology of thermal imaging.
2 NON-CONTACT THERMOMETRY-Measurement Introduction to accuracy evaluation of non-contact thermometers (infrared pyrometers or measurement thermal cameras)


1 Evaluation of thermal cameras in quality systems according to ISO 9000 or EN45000 standards Paper on evaluation of commercial (measurement) thermal cameras used for non-contact temperature measurement in centers that implemented the quality standards.
2 Software for calculation of uncertainty of measurement results Computer program that enables calculation of uncertainty of measurement results according to recommendations of international metrological organizations.
3 Computer simulator for training operators of thermal cameras Computer program that enables realistic simulation of surveillance thermal imagers.
4 Monochromatic light sources in testing image intensifier tubes Monochromatic light source (LED type) that can be used in systems for testing image intensifier tubes.
5 Configuration of systems for testing thermal imagers Method to improve performance of systems for testing thermal imagers by simple modification of system configuration.
6 Review of night vision technology (sample part) This paper presents a review of a modern night vision technology and can help readers to understand sophisticated situation on the international night vision market
7 Testing THz imagers The paper present test methodology and a system for testing passive THz imagers.
8 A computerized station for testing night vision devices The paper present NICOM test station. It is the first commercial computerized station for testing NVDs offered on world market.
9 Stations for testing laser range finders The paper present methodology of testing laser range finders. Two Inframet stations (LTF station and LTE station) are presented, too.
10 Review of night vision metrology A review of night vision metrology is presented in this paper.
11 Computerized station for testing image intensifier tubes The paper presents  a novel test station (ITS-IP) that enables semiautomated  testing  of image intensifier tubes. 


1 Review of infrared systems Short review of modern infrared systems.