Customer guide


  • Inframet is a company trusted by customers all over the world. We recorded sales to over 40 countries all over the world. Well known scientific institutes, universities, manufacturers of electro-optical systems, test laboratories, repairing depots are among our customers (see Inframet info).
  • Inframet can offer full spectrum of equipment for testing and simulation of electro-optical imaging & laser systems. Inframet is the only company on world market capable to deliver tests equipment for testing all times of electro-optical systems (thermal cameras, night vision devices, TV cameras, laser systems, SWIR imagers, multi-sensor surveillance systems, THz cameras, image intensifier tubes, IR FPA/CCD/CMOS sensors, optical modules)
  • Inframet is a manufacturer of complete test systems who deliver not only equipment for testing but also software and precious knowledge about testing electro-optical imaging systems.
  • Inframet can offer custom designed test system from area outside typical offer.
  • Inframet treats its customer like partners trying to share its know how, to support them in application of our test equipment and to start long term cooperation.
  • Inframet equipment and knowledge can help to improve electro-optical technology in any country.


  • Read the educational materials presented at our website.

    You will spend well your time by reading the educational section. You can find there free of charge high value technical papers for both beginners and for professional in electro-optical technology. It will be easier for us to communicate because you will then know exactly what you need.
  • Make decision if you want a test system or only some components for a test system.

    Inframet specializes in complete test systems for testing E-O systems; especially test system for high requirements. Total value of such a test system is much more than simply sum of costs of components. If for some reasons you decide that you want only some components (like blackbodies) Inframet can sell them. However we are not competitive in case of components; we are very competitive in case of test systems where we can add our know-how in metrology. If we find that our components are not an optimal choice we will let you know and honestly tell you to buy from other companies.
  • Determine type of E-O equipment you want to test.

    We are capable to deliver universal test systems that could be used to test all types of electro-optical systems commercially available on the market: thermal imagers, TV cameras, LLLTV cameras, nigh vision devices, laser range finders, laser illuminators of any technical parameters for laboratory applications or for field applications. However, such an universal test system would be extremely expensive in situation when probability that its test capabilities are fully used would be low. Therefore it is recommended to determine clearly range of E-O equipment that should be tested with as much details as possible. Even if you decide to test only one type of E-O equipment like thermal imagers are to be tested please let us know as much details as possible. Such data like cooling type, detector resolution, field of view, max optics diameter are important for us because we know true requirements on our test systems. When we know your requirements are typical we can offer lower price than in case of special requirements.
  • Recalibration of test equipment

    Costs of frequent recalibration of test equipment can be equal of higher than costs of purchase of the test equipment. Therefore it some manufacturers of test equipment recommends frequent expensive recalibration carried out exclusively by their own authorized agents. Inframet prefers to earn its profits from manufacturing and selling of its test equipment not from calibration services. Therefore the company recommends reasonable recalibration periods (example: three years for equipment for testing thermal imagers) and is open to pass know how required for recalibration to its customers. Nowadays, practically in any country there are some metrological institutes that carry out calibration services in field of temperature or photometric quantities. Therefore it is basically possible to recalibrate our test stations (DT series, LAFT series, TVT series, NVT series, ITS series, LT series) by the customers.
  • Let Inframet to help you to find optimal test system.

    We offer a long series of different test system. Each test system can be delivered in several versions. It is important to chose an optimal test system. Please trust us and let us know as much as possible about your situation. Contact us via email at any time. We will answer quickly your questions and will try to find an optimal test systems for your needs.
  • Purchase several different test systems

    Inframet is at present the only company in the world that can deliver equipment for testing all types of electro-optical systems and basic components: thermal imagers, TV cameras, night vision devices, laser range finders, laser illuminators, IR FPAs, II tubes.

    It is more convenient technically to buy from us equipment for testing all these E-O systems and components than buying from several different manufacturers. Buying several different test systems from Inframet is also good commercially as we can offer in this case a special package price.
  • Carry out free evaluation of our test equipment

    In case of EU customers capable to use our test equipment without special training we can offer free evaluation period of out test equipment. The equipment can be leased for up to several months. The customer is expected to carry out only transport costs. Attention: this evaluation scheme is valid only for some versions of our test equipment. Please contact us for more details.
  • Let us carry out honest price negotiations

    Equipment for testing electro-optical systems is expensive. Your funds should be well spent on equipment truly useful in your work. We always try to present our customers an offer for different versions of the same test system of different measuring capabilities and different price level. In this way our customer can choose optimal price version for him. Next, we are always ready for honest price negotiation. If needed we can deliver copies of old orders to prove that we do not exaggerate with the proposed price level. We are sometimes quite flexible with price level if we see a chance for a long term cooperation or due to different reasons.


  • Inframet delivers well prepared documentation of its products. Therefore, after careful reading of the documentation typical technical staff can use our products.
  • Inframet can carry out installation and training at customer site if required. The training can be carried out using two methods:
    1. Classical installation and training by Inframet trainer at customer facilities.
    2. Online installation and training using voice and video communication with the customer team using modern internet technology ( Skype, MSN Messenger etc.)
    The second method of training is almost as effective as the first one but is significantly cheaper and can speed up training process.


  • Inframet shall exchange free of charge any defective module during warranty period.
  • Typical warranty period is 12 months since the delivery date.
  • Paid services are offered after warranty expires.
  • All customers are eligible to full technical support from our support team. We provide not only support how to run our equipment but also information from much wider area ( how to interpret test result, write technical specifications, about international standards or other specialized literature etc).

Contact methods:

Inframet provides several ways of support for for users of our test systems and simulators. Suggested methods of communication are specified below.

E-mail message

Questions or issues related with Inframet products should be directed to:

VOIP communication

Here is the list of Skype™ usernames, under which software and hardware help can be provided on-line:

  • inframet

Remote desktop support

Inframet software engineers can provide help using:
  1. Skype™ computer program (
  2. TeamViewer™ program (
Skype™ is a freeware voice/text/video communicator. Using Skype™ communicator connected with a web camera the user is able to pass to Inframet engineers both oral and visual information about potential technical problems with our test systems.

TeamViewer™ is a paid program that enables remote PC control. Inframet is an owner of a corporate version of this program. The rules to enable Inframet possibility of remote control of a PC connected to our test system are following:

  1. Contact Inframet staff via one of earlier presented ways (e-mail or Skype™) and you will acquire a link, directing to “Quick Support” program download (freeware part of Team Viewer program).
  2. Run the downloaded application that will generate “ID” and “Password” information.
  3. Please send both “ID” and “Password” data via e-mail or pass through Skype™ text communicator
  4. Accept incoming connection from Inframet engineer.
  5. Now Inframet engineer will be connect with your computer’s desktop and provide assistance.
Critical error reports

In case of invalid software behavior, or any critical errors generated during utilization time, Inframet applications are equipped with dedicated reporting system. If the program raises an unhandled error, it can be submitted to software developer – either directly, or indirectly.

When the computer is connected to Internet, such operation can be performed without user’s interference. However, if the operating system is guarded with a firewall service (e.g. Microsoft™ Windows® Firewall), user will be asked to allow the software to send a critical report to Inframet.

Even when using the software without a direct connection to Web, user can be informed about a critical situation. After been shown a window containing an unhandled error message, the proper report file is highlighted in Windows® Explorer, and suggested to be sent via e-mail. Two possibilities are available then:

  • Either user can copy the report file to a location, from where it can be sent (to );
  • Or, it is still acceptable to plug the computer to Internet (temporarily) and send the file, attaching it to a prepared e-mail message (automatically generated, if a default e-mail program is available, e.g. Microsoft™ Outlook or Windows® Mail).

Inframet will gather all reported information, to fix critical errors and develop the software, providing users with important updates.